For your convenience ATM machines are located throughout the BVJ site.

The Access Transportation Booth is located on Main Street and is open Thursday (Noon – 11pm) Friday-Sunday (7:30am – 11pm). Additional pick-up/drop off points are located in front of the CRE building, Checkpoint CP9, and access seating area of the Main Stage Concert Bowl.

You will find our main BVJ & Artist Merchandise Stores on main street outside the Coors Original Saloon exit.

Located on Main Street, open daily at 12:00 pm. Information also available at the Ticket Pick-up Booth/Will Call. 

Our Renewal Booth is open daily at 10:00 am.

The City shuttle pick/up/drop off is located on the paved lot in the front of the CRE. The shuttle runs every half hour (Thursday to Sunday: 9am – 3am) with in town stops at the following locations; Duggan Mall theatre entrance – Max McLean Arena – Alice Hotel – Public Parking Lot west of Downtown Subway

Fee: $2.50 per ride

A wide variety of food and beverages are available. Our concessions are located at Main Street, Molson Canadian Saloon, Jim Beam Backroom Bar and Main Stage Concert Bowl. Non-approved vendors are prohibited.

For more information on how you can become a Food Vendor,
Contact: Ken Taylor – Big Valley Jamboree Concession Manager

(306) 537-8478
[email protected]

Please assist us in keeping our grounds clean. When your garbage is full, place it by the roadway, clean up/recycle crews will remove it for you. This service is offered daily.

Lost & Found is located at the on-site BVJ Customer Service Centre in Marketplace Tradeshow Building. For items after the festival, please call Big Valley Jamboree Office 780.672.0224.

Medical Assistance is located north of the Police Station as well as in the Main Stage Concert Bowl during show time. Assistance is available 24 hours/day commencing Wednesday. The South Field Medical Centre open 8am-8pm. Dial 911 for Emergencies.

On-site water fills and septic service available.

Water  780-603-8766  Septic  780-781-6622