The Dead South

The Dead South is a four-piece acoustic ensemble based in Regina, SK made up of Nate Hilts, Scott Pringle, Colton Crawford and Danny Kenyon. The band blends elements of folk, bluegrass, classical, and rock resulting in a unique, modern, and authentic blend of boot-stompin' music.>

Hilts' gritty vocals and aggressive guitar strumming combine well with Pringle's soaring harmonies and mandolin chops. Crawford's blazing banjo licks and steady kick drum compliment Kenyon's prominent cello melodies.

The Dead South released their first EP in 2013, featuring the tracks The Ocean Went Mad and We Were to Blame. By April 2014, they had completed their first full-length album, Good Company. While showcasing at Toronto’s Canadian Music Week, they caught the attention of Jörg Tresp of Devil Duck Records (based out of Hamburg, Germany) who immediately signed the band, released the album in Europe, and booked them for numerous overseas tours.

The band has received local and national recognition as well. The Dead South won the Queen City Rocks Battle of the Bands competition, beating out 24 other bands. They were also selected to represent Saskatchewan in the nationwide CBC Searchlight competition for Canada's best new artists. Their success has led to airplay on several major radio stations, feature stories in newspapers, television appearances on Global and CTV, and they even made the cover of Regina magazine, City Slicker.

The Dead South continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible with four ordinary acoustic instruments. Their unique abilities and energy make them an impossible band to duplicate, and a fixture of the Regina music scene that will not soon be leaving.

Feature Videos

Good Company (2014)

  1. Long Gone
  2. Achilles
  3. The Recap
  4. In Hell I'll Be in Good Company
  5. Manly Way
  6. Travellin' Man
  7. Honey You
  8. Ballad for Janoski
  9. Down That Road
  10. The Dead South
  11. That Bastard Son
  12. Deep When the River's High
  13. Into the Valley

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