1. The Old Fashioned Camper
    Are you a seasoned camping vet who is one with the elements as they shift from beaming hot sunny days to sometimes damp and chilly nights? Grab a pup-tent, foam pad and sleeping bags from Canadian Tire or Home Depot and purchase a camping spot at the festival grounds in the Country Nation Campground!

    2. The Seasoned Vet
    This isn’t your first rodeo; you’ve got a pretty sweet setup with your own ‘house on wheels’ and you drag it to every festival and ball tournament you go to. Load up your friends and family and park your home-away-from-home on site in the Big Valley Jamboree Heartland Campground! Oversized lots are available for larger RV’s as well.

    3. The Un-Committal Renter
    A couple pretty new services rolled out which can be most easily explained as the AirBNB for RV’s. People will list their RV’s online to be rented out (fully insured) exactly like you would a condo or house for a festival weekend away. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of RV camping without having to own! Check out RVEZY and Outdoorsy for options; or GoRVing.ca for other branches nearest you. Want something smaller? Check out these Wicked Camper Vans down in Calgary.

    4. The Shuttle Bug
    Enjoy sleeping in your own bed at home? New this year we are introducing daily shuttles From Edmonton to Camrose with Live It Up Lifestyle Adventures.  The YEG Shuttle will run up to two times daily over the duration of the festival.  Complete YEG Shuttle details.

    5. The Hotel Hero
    Lots of the hotels in Camrose do fill up months in advance; but don’t assume that rooms don’t open up when holds are lifted! Try calling in as well instead of just looking online. You’ll be the most popular friend with a nice warm shower each night! Here’s a list of a few local hotels in the city: Camrose Resort & Casino, Norsemen Inn, Ramada, Canalta, R&R Inn and Suites

    6. The Millennial Renter
    Some local Camrosians like to escape the city as it’s overtaken by 25,000 Big Valley Jamboree’ers. Check out what’s available online at AirBNB (but of course please respect their places as you would your own). Take advantage of our city shuttle for $2 or take a cab onto the site grounds.

    7. The RV-Less Truck Owner
    Are you an avid festival-goer but have just never looked at what options there are to purchase your own RV? Visit our partners at Arrkan RV to see what’s the best fit for you and your family!

    8. The Truck-Less RV Owner
    Have an RV but nothing to pull it? Or does a family/friend have an RV you can borrow? Rent a truck with full towing capabilities from our partners at Driving Force – they have plenty of options for you to make the trip comfortable and easy.

    By on June 11, 2018