Code of Conduct

Panhandle Productions and the Big Valley Jamboree are committed to creating a safe and comfortable entertainment experience for attendees of all ages to enjoy in a respectable and reasonable fashion; therefore, we have introduced the Big Valley Jamboree Code of Conduct.

All fans, staff, contractors, sponsors, suppliers, entertainers and event personnel, along with any items they are carrying or conveying, are subject to search by event personnel prior to being admitted on the BVJ Site.

Should the Big Valley Jamboree Security Team respond to any occurrence of the following (but not limited to) situations, any and all offending parties may be deemed to be in breach of the Big Valley Jamboree Code of Conduct.

a)      Behaviour that is deemed unruly, disruptive, dangerous or illegal in nature.

b)      Using foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.

c)      Intoxication or other signs of alcohol or drug impairment that results in behaviour deemed irresponsible.

d)      Possessing alcohol in non-licensed areas.

e)      Smoking or vaping in non-designated areas.

f)       Any disruption of the event including but not limited to throwing objects or accessing restricted areas without proper accreditation.

g)      Verbal or physical harassment of any patron, artist, or event personnel.

h)      Occupying a ticketed seat or campsite without physically possessing proof of purchase.

i)        Failing to comply with any Rules & Regulations stipulated by Big Valley Jamboree, or instructions given by event personnel.

Failure to comply with the Big Valley Jamboree Code of Conduct may result in event evictions and/or possible criminal charges.  Furthermore, Panhandle Productions and Big Valley Jamboree reserve the right to enforce denial of event ticket sales, or services to any person and/or organization any time a breach of the Big Valley Jamboree Code of Conduct is reported and/or suspected.

We thank you for being positive ambassadors of the Big Valley Jamboree and allowing it to continue to be a viable escape to an unforgettable country music experience.