Ticket Fraud

As technology continues to develop, so does the ability and ingenuity to produce counterfeit event tickets.  Unless you have purchased your tickets directly from our office, you might be left outside the gates when trying to redeem your tickets.

Buying Tickets Online from a Third Party

Persons buying tickets from third parties via the internet should always be cautious.  Even though a ticket may have at one point been a valid event ticket, there is always the chance that ticket may be invalid, reported lost or possibly even stolen.  In this case you will not know the validity of the ticket until it is scanned at an entrance point. 

Posting Pictures of your Tickets to Social Media

As excited as you may be to finally have your tickets in your hands, we urge you to be extremely careful when posting pictures of your tickets to social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Your tickets contain valuable information such as your name, and even account number. That information, in the wrong hands, can be used against you to report your tickets lost or stolen and then re-issued to another party. Unfortunately you would not be made aware of this until you showed up at the event only to find that your tickets, once scanned, indicate they are null and void. Think of posting a picture of your tickets in the same way you would post a picture of your credit cards.