Production World Songwriters' Workshop

Production World Songwriters' Workshop

Go behind the scenes and learn what’s behind the meaning of today’s favorite songs and tomorrow’s future hits with some of the most prolific songwriters in the business.

Located on Main Street


  • Thursday 3:00pm
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1:30pm & 3:30pm

2018 Production World Songwriters' Workshop Schedule

HOST:  Patricia Conroy

Thursday August 2, 2018 - 3:00 PM
Patricia Conroy
The Abrams
Amy Hef
Kirsty Lee Akers


Thursday August 2, 2018  - 4:45 PM (Junior Songwriters Showcase)
Kaleigh Jo Kirk - Host
Brenda Dirk
Kat Zel
Hannah Gazso
Tea Gonzales

Friday August 3, 2018  - 1:30 PM
The Dunagrees
Patrica Conroy
Mike Plume
Tanya Ryan
Don Amero

Friday August 3, 2018  - 3:30 PM
Mike Plume
Leaving Thomas
Kalsey Kulyk
Drew Gregory

Saturday  August 4, 2018  - 1:30 PM
Clayton Bellamy
Aaron Goodvin
The Dolls Sisters
The Prairie States

Saturday August 4, 2018  - 3:30 PM
Clayton Bellamy
Ken Stead
Justine Vandergrift
Andrew Hyatt

Sunday August 5, 2018  - 1:30 PM
Bobby Cameron
Troy Kokol
Laurie Kerr
JJ Voss

Sunday August 5, 2018  - 3:30 PM
Bobby Cameron
Brad Saunders
Matt Blais


Event times and artists are subject to change