For 20 years, Big Valley Jamboree has enjoyed the support of hundreds of thousands of loyal fans from across North America. A major part of that support comes from rural communities throughout Alberta. As a “thank-you” for this ongoing support, Travel Alberta and The Big Valley Jamboree have decided to award one of these communities with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put your small town on the map.

That’s why in again in 2013 we’ll bring a “mini” Big Valley Jamboree to one lucky rural Alberta community. All the excitement of the festival, including some of Canada’s finest country musical entertainers could be coming to YOUR small town!  We call it “Small Town Saturday Night,” you’ll call it “one incredibly unforgettable, amazing, mind-blowing experience!”

Simply pick up your video camera and show us why you think YOUR community is the best place for the Big Valley Jamboree “Small Town Saturday Night” experience! Upload the video to YouTube, get your friends, neighbours, and your entire community to vote for your video online and win! The competition promises to be a lot of fun, culminating in an incredible “Small Town Saturday Night” somewhere in rural Alberta on April 27, 2013.