July 31st 2014 - AUG 3rd 2014
Camrose, Alberta


Camping FAQ

With the City of Camrose’s development of a multimillion dollar casino in the northeast section of the campground, and a the development of a city owned campground, several hundred campsites have been lost. Given the loss of this prime real estate, the remaining land must be used to its full potential so that the maximum number of campers can be placed in the remaining area. The best way to do this is to assign camping and eliminate waste. Stalls are assigned, and roping off additional stalls is prohibited. Also, tampering of flags marking out assigned camping stalls will result in eviction.

The most important thing to bring with you is common sense. Don’t bring items that are going to cause problems, or that you plan to leave behind. For a more complete description, please check the campsite regulations. You should get a copy of this sent to you when you receive your event tickets.

No, As of 2004, no glass containers are allowed in the campgrounds. For example alcohol brought onto the site must be in cans or plastic. Failure to comply with this, will result in confiscation. The Reason for this? There is simply too much broken glass being left in the campground, presenting a serious danger.

The total numbers of campsite available are as follows:

General Camping          1900 Stalls 
Handi-cap Camping        80   Stalls 
Family Camping           2800 Stalls 
Reserved Camping         1500 Stalls
Service / Admin Camping  400  Stalls 
V.I.P. Camping           380  Stalls

Three companies are contracted to take care of the portable toilet requirements. In total there are 650 toilets on the event site.

No, not at this time. Although there is no running water, there are large tanks of non-potable water available throughout the campground (these are NOT for drinking).

Contractors are also available during the event to provide water for your RV or whatever you may require.  Generators are permitted as long as they run quietly and cleanly and do not disturb your neighbors.  Generators should also not run after noise curfew.

Yes, family/quiet and reserved camping has a noise curfew of 12:00 Midnight, and Chevy General Camping has a noise curfew of 2:00 a.m. These curfews are strictly enforced.

Most definitely. Excess noise, inappropriate wristband, messy campsite, vandalism, and consuming alcohol where you are not suppose to (to mention a few) are all grounds for eviction. Make sure that you pay attention to the rules. Evictions will result in the removal of your wristband and a police escort off of the site. Camping areas must also be kept clean and maintained. Each camp site not cleaned up properly at the end of the event will result in a $250 clean up fee charged to the site holders credit card.

There are dumpsters located throughout the campsite for garbage. Be sure to clean up your campsite before you leave the site after the event. A messy campsite during the event can lead to an eviction. Upon arrival all campers will receive a garbage bag. When full, place it by the roadway, a clean up crew will remove it and replace your bag with a new one. This service is offered daily.

We have tried to replicate all the services on site that you would find in a small city. Thus medical, police, ATM’s, showers, vendors, pay phones, and concessions are all available for your convenience and safety.

The water in the large tanks around the campground is non-potable water. This means that it is not for drinking.

We do not recommend bringing your pets, however they are allowed.

All pets are to remain on a leash and in your immediate campsite area. Absolutely no pets are allowed on Main Street of the Big Valley Jamboree Site, the Beer Gardens or concert area. Panhandle Productions LP. will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages your pet may cause to others or their property.

Please remember to clean up after your pets.

General FAQ

The stage opening where the artists perform is 80’ X 60’. Overall, with the side wings and scrims, the dimensions are 240’ x 60’. The festival stage used for the festivals in Camrose, Alberta is considered one of the best in North America.

Total number of reserved seats : 5578 Total number of VIP and corporate seats : 1200

Yes, still pictures are allowed to be taken in the concert bowl.  All camera must adhere to the BVJ photo policy as described in our information brochure.

There are eight people who work year round on the festival as well as other events produced by Panhandle Productions Ltd.

One must take into consideration that all the amenities of the City of Camrose have to be duplicated on site. That means that there has to be communications, ambulance, fire, water, sewer, transportation, police services, food, garbage pickup etc. To accomplish that the number of people employed during the event are in the neighbourhood of 4000.

Yes, in almost 20 years an excess of 5 million dollars has been paid to non-profit groups that help with the festival.

Chairs will be allowed to be placed in the mainstage concertbowl for the first time on the friday morning at approximatly 9:00 AM.   Once the show has completed for the night, chairs must be removed for clean up.  If time allows chairs will be allowed to be placed back in the concert bowl after the evening cleanup for a short period of time until the mainstage concert bowl gates close.  The next opportunity to place chairs in the concert bowl will be at approximately 9:00 AM the following day.    A person may only place a maximum of two chairs.

Besides some of the best main stage entertainment in Canada there is much more that goes on at our festivals. There are trade shows, a family stage, a variety of concessions, bull riding, street performers, songwriters workshops, Sunday gospel, an onsite pub, beer gardens stage and much more. (Double check the event program for a complete listing) Event programs are available at the information booth located in the concession area on the Main Street of the event site and processing lanes as you enter the campground areas.

During the rest of the year there are many contracts and agreements to go over for the next year. These range from the contracts for garbage pick up to artist selection. It is a big misconception that the only work that takes place is during the events. With a large festivals such as Big Valley Jamboree and other events throughout the year, the planning takes a full year to complete.

Our ticketing department also works year round processing ticket orders, and putting together ticket packages that include your stickers, wristbands, and other pertinent information.

Camrose Alberta , is located 50 minutes south-east of the City of Edmonton, and just east of the junction of Hwy 21 and Hwy 13.

There is a common misconception with the events and that is that the festival uses mostly volunteers. The festival contracts non-profit organizations for a fee to run a particular component of the festival. (i.e. garbage pick up, recycling, etc). In turn the non-profit organizations secure their own volunteers to aid in the project. For example the Camrose Regional Exhibition operates all gaming venues on site. They used the combined effort of nearly 700 of their volunteers to assist with 50/50, nevada tickets, and the casino.

The festival utilizes 423 acres. Approximately 30 acres is used for the event with the balance used for processing lanes, day parking, and camping.

Performer FAQ

Over the past few years the cost of a headlining act has increased dramatically. Headliners averaged between $100,000 US and $150,000 US in the mid 90's. A festival can now pay as high as $350,000 US to $700,000 US for the same act to play for 75 minutes.

Most artists play a 60 minute set, a headline act will play a 75 minute set and on the odd occasion a 90 minute set. These lengths will usually include the encore. This is usually negotiated well in advance of the show.

The band entourage will vary depending on the status of the artist. The majority will travel with 10 – 12 people in total. The headlining acts can travel with as many as 30 people.

Travel arrangements depend on the route of the artist. If an artist is playing several dates they will travel by bus. A support act would use one bus and tow along a trailer. A Headlining act could use as many as 3 – 4 buses along with 3 – 4 semi units. It depends on how much of a stage set is travelling with the artist.

A "one off" is a purchase term. When an artist is purchased the price will vary if they are on a tour or coming in specifically for a particular "one off" show. In the case of a one off show, the artists usually fly in for the show and have much of their instruments provided for them.

It is not for a lack of trying. We do our absolute best to try and let you know who will be performing as soon as possible.

For example we were able to announce that Gretchen Wilson would be at BVJ 2006 on the final evening of the 2005 Big Valley Jamboree.  During the final days of the 2012 Big Valley Jamboree it was annoucned that Alan Jackson and Lady Antebellum would be at BVJ 2013.

Unfortunately due to the fact that negotiations are becoming more complex between artists, promoters, and artist management, sometimes more time is needed.

Before the event the most up to date information can be found on the Big Valley Jamboree website. (This site) During event time please check with the information booth located in the concession area on the Main Street of the event site.

Tickets FAQ

You will typically receive tickets purchased through our office near the end of May.

A valid weekend admission is having possession of a pass or combination of passes that allow you access to the Big Valley Jamboree from Friday - Sunday. 

A weekend admission could be comprised of VIP Seating, Reserved Seating, a 3 Day Weekend Pass, or Single Day Tickets (Friday-Sunday).

A weekend admssion is required to enter ALL campground areas.

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